Why the headphone jack should go at the top.

When pocket radios came out they always had the headphones somewhere near the top. At some stage some designers wanted to be different and have it at the bottom.

One can make various reasons pro top or pro bottom.

Pro Top:

  • When holding the phone upright, the jack will be closer to upper objects such as your head which will give the cable better reach ability for the same length.
  • When holding the phone upright, you can more easily see the jack when you are .

Pro Bottom:

  • You can put the phone in your lower pocket more easily.
  • When using a phone stand the cable can be more easily tucked away.

There is another more complex reason why I like the audio jack to be at the top. Phones can be very slippery. With the buds in your ear and the phone in your pocket, you can easily have it catch onto something.  Your phone can fly into the air and easily break apon landing.

By making the phone easy to shift in your pocket it is now easy to slip out. By having the jack at the top although it’s harder stuff it in your pocket, it’s also less likely to fall out.

When the jack is at the bottom of your pocket the phone literally has to rotate all around before it has any energy to fly out. By this stage it’s much more likely that your ear buds will pull out instead and end up hanging somewhere above your feet.


Why you should put doctype html at the top of your document

If you create the following html document:

It will render like this.


If you add <!doctype html> to the top of your document like this:

It will render like this.


What happens is that browsers such as firefox will think that you are viewing an old website so they will try and render websites how they used to be rendered. This old way of rendering is called “Quirks mode”. Adding <!doctype html> signifies that you are writing a modern webpage so the browser does not render using quirks mode.